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About us

What do We do?

Our job at Videira is to produce innovative staffing solutions enabling our customers to grow continously. We are currently working with consultants and staffing within two industries: Information Technology and Building & Construction.

History & Governance


Joana & Joakim Vingren

Joana & Joakim Vingren, founders of the Videira Group

The Videira Group Limited Company was formed 2016 in Great Britain by Joana & Joakim Vingren. The same year a subsidiary was formed in Sweden;  “Videira Group Limited Uk Filial” followed by the startup in Ukraine 2017  of “REDCO Red Consultants LLC”. 

The Director of REDCO is mr Alexander Rashko and governed by Lawyer Alexander Sobkovich. Currently the British mother Company is in dormant but operation in Sweden is growing fast.

Joana Vingren is CEO of Videira Group in Sweden.